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Dear controllers,

We invite you to fill out the survey regarding the awareness of the protection of personal data and the understanding of the obligations of the Law on the protection of personal data !

If you process personal data within the framework of your activity, then the Law on the Protection of Personal Data applies to you as well. It is important to know that the Personal Data Protection Law also applies to the personal data of your employees. If you think you are not processing personal data, think again! Do you have video surveillance in your premises? As part of your business, do you send promotional materials to customers and post photos on social media? Do you keep your students’ test scores? Do you copy your guests’ IDs? Do you collect personal data through the so-called cookies on your official websites? Remember, even when you only keep employee or customer personal data in a folder, this is considered processing of personal data.

The protection of personal data is a basic human right guaranteed in Article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia and guarantees protection against violation of personal integrity as a result of recording personal information through automated and non-automated processing of personal data. In the European Union, the right to protection of personal data is a fundamental right and it is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

In order to ensure the same level of protection of personal data for the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and to keep up with the European legislation, in February 2020 a new Law on the Protection of Personal Data was adopted (“Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia” no. 42/20) which transposes the EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

On August 24, 2021, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data came into full force.

This survey will help you determine and understand your obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act.

In addition, the survey will help the Agency for Personal Data Protection to obtain more detailed information about the needs of controllers in the Republic of North Macedonia. Based on the survey findings, we will develop guidelines and accountability tools tailored to your needs, thereby supporting you in showing accountability and achieving compliance with the Law.

Completing this survey will take about 25 minutes of your time.

The survey can be completed by all persons who are employed and engaged by the controllers.

The survey is conducted anonymously, and the results will be based on aggregated data.

Please share this message with all your employees, partners, associates and members.

*The survey is conducted as part of the activities of the twinning project “Support in the implementation of the modernized legal framework for the protection of personal data”, financed by the European Union.

Link to the survey:

Personal Data Protection Agency

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